EKN Partners Meeting Horti Combi Track


EKN Partners Meeting Horti Combi Track

On Tuesday the 6th and Wednesday the 7th of February, partners of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) held a joint meeting at the Kwadaso Agric College in Kumasi . Invited organisations were all part of the so-called Horti Combi Track .

Combi aims to combine aid & trade objectives and GNBCC as well as its recently established HBP – Horticulture Business Platform were both represented at the meeting by GNBCC's GM Tjalling Wiarda as well as HBP Project Leader Barnabas Apom. The purpose was to meet the other organisations and find out if we are all on the right track and to see where we can co-operate on projects in order to avoid double work . This is part of the dynamic learning agenda which covers programmatic monitoring, evaluation and learning (PMEL) concerning EKN’s projects.

Other partners present were East West Seeds Knowledge Foundation, CBI’s Ghana Dried Fruit Project, Agriterra (co-operatives specialist), Tahmo (farmer’s data), IDH – Grains for Growth Ghana, Holland Greentech – Archipelago and International Trade Centre.  All presented on their projects after which we discussed the different main objectives, the results we want to obtain  and the indicators of getting to those results (so we can measure success) .

 We also discussed the different learning questions and which ones where the most important for this year. It was an energetic and fruitful meeting and hopefully we will announce soon some good news on future co-operation !

Tjalling Wiarda

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