Women in Business Workshop: ‘Me, The Change Maker’


Women in Business Workshop: ‘Me, The Change Maker’

On Thursday the 8th of February 2024, GNBCC held its women in business workshop titled ‘Me, The Change Maker’. We were hosted by Kate Amaniampong, one of the Women in Business mentees in her beautiful garden event center called Discovery Gardens (Previous names: Lakeside Horticulture Village and Enviroparks). The workshop was facilitated by one of our mentors, Dr. Florence Vanderpuye from Rosh Pinnah Ventures. Dr. Vanderpuye is also a certified trainer and coach.

The objective of this workshop was to  train Women in Business Mentees in identifying their strengths, and stretches while capitalizing on this self-awareness exercise to improve their communication and team building skills. The workshop was also opened up to GNBCC member companies to participate.

The participants were well engaged throughout the entire workshop as they worked on their assignments individually as well as in groups. They were able to identify their strengths as well as that of their team members. Going forward this should help them to manage their teams even better and know who could potentially be a great fit for their team.

Fore more info please contact Jemima Rockson-Botchey at jemima@gnbcc.net 

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