Kuipers Breeders Seminar Accra 


Kuipers Breeders Seminar Accra 

Last week Friday GNBCC visited the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel to briefly attend the Kuipers Breeders Seminar. A great number of participants from the poultry industry including Kuipers Breeders agents and distributors were present to hear the latest on how to secure your profits from day one with day old chicks, how to run a successful layer business, a healthy flock which lays the best quality eggs etc. After the training a lunch was offered to the participants. Next to Accra, Kuipers Breeders also held trainings in Dormaa and Kumasi.

Kuipers Breeders was incorporated in Ghana on the 9th of August 2021. Its goals are to produce a high quality day-old chicks in Ghana, supporting  the development of a strong , more self-sufficient poultry supply chain and deliver high quality healthy proteins to a growing population. They are located at Amuyaokope in the Sege Area of Ada West in the Greater Accra region; you will find there a hatchery and parent stock layer farm. They aim to deliver a continuous, reliable supply of premium day old chicks to the Ghanaian market and other parts of West Africa. They also provide the farmers who purchase their chicks with practical farming advice to support their businesses and increase their yields.

For more information , please visit their website (https://www.kuipersbreeders.com.gh/ ) or social media on FB: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100082103302439


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