1st edition of GIPC's Aftercare in Labadi Beach Hotel


1st edition of GIPC's Aftercare in Labadi Beach Hotel

Last Tuesday the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) organised its Aftercare Forum. The Investor Aftercare Division of the GIPC has a mandate of facilitating retention, growth and expansion through relationship building ; they liaise between investors (both foreign and local) and government MDA’s/MMDA’s. In the morning everybody could enjoy a big breakfast before the programme started . The Forum started with a speech of GIPC’s CEO Mr Yofi Grant  who talked about the importance of the interaction between government and the private sector , that the GIPC wants to improve the investors experience.

According to him Ghana has been a good investment destination due to the upholding of the rule of law, political stability & democracy. Furthermore Ghana is resource rich with a majority of well-educated people. Ghana has attracted investment these past decades by setting up public private partnerships in areas of infrastructure, power, energy and mining. With the export of raw materials it now is adding value to its natural resource before export .

Aftercare is crucial to see that investors remain in Ghana; they create an environment conducive for investments. He stressed the fact that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is good for Ghana because it’s the main driver of the economy , investors are bringing money to Ghana hence we should embrace investors. Multinationals such as Cocoa Cola, Unilever, Nestle had left Ghana but they will come back. He closed his speech by repeating that Ghana stands for the 3 O’s : Openness, Opportunity and Opportunism.

The next presentation was of Mrs Victoria Cobbah, the deputy Director / Head of the Aftercare Division of GIPC. In her presentation she explained about Aftercare. Her presentation can be downloaded as a pdf below this article.

The final speaker was the Head of Exemptions of the Tax Policy Unit of the Ministry of Finance on the implementation of Ghana’s Tax Exemption Act 2022 (Act 1083). This has been the new tax exemption law. This powerpoint can be seen below by clicking on the  link.

After his presentation the press had to leave the room and the participants could ask their questions. A lot of the questions were on tax exemptions which were denied although in an earlier stage the exemptions were agreed upon and received . The speaker of the Ministry of Finance said that all complaints had to be put in writing by a letter from the GIPC (‘ the GIPC should write the letter’) hence you have to forward all your complaints through the (Aftercare division) of GIPC.

The morning ended with a thank you from Mr Yofi Grant.

Click here for the pdf presentation of the Aftercare division.

Click here for Tax Exemptions powerpoint as presented during GIPC aftercare forum presentation.




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