Women in Business Workshop - Comexas and MPS Edition


Women in Business Workshop - Comexas and MPS Edition

On Wednesday 4th April 2024, GNBCC organized a third workshop under the Women in Business project on importing and exporting in Ghana. The training was facilitated by Robert Quartey, together with two of his colleagues from Comexas, where he gave us an in-depth presentation on what goes into the shipping of goods from one location to the other and the various stages involved in the process. He explained the roles of shipping agents and shared some insightful stories on some of the situations they’ve dealt with as agents.

Following the presentation the participants headed for Meridian Port Services where Mr. Charles Osafo (Assistant Manager of Stakeholder Engagements) took us through the entire process of shipping and transporting of goods and the various sector players involved at each point of the transportation. He later took participants on a tour around the MPS premises answering all the questions participants had at every given point. Participants learnt more about the registration procedures of trucks authorized to transport containers, the process of containers being offloaded and  the second phase of the Tema port expansion project.

Overall, the workshop left participants interested in exploring export opportunities, recognizing the potential to expand their market reach by venturing into international trade.

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