New Doing Business in Ghana Booklet presented !


New Doing Business in Ghana Booklet presented !

Last Tuesday after this first part on the GNBCC-IMANI report on the business investment climate in Ghana (see earlier article in our Newsletter). GNBCC’s General Manager Mr Tjalling Yme Wiarda introduced Mr Francois Meysembourg who presented and introduced a new booklet (this 1st edition sponsored by GNBCC) on Doing Business in Ghana – a business guide for investors.

This booklet has been the result of 6 month work and preparation of several bilateral business chambers from Ghana including the Eurocham, Amcham, CCI France Ghana, Spain Ghana Chamber of Commerce, AHK Germany, UK Ghana Chamber , IBAG (Italy) and Canada Ghana Chamber. They held meetings at the GIPC aftercare division to write this booklet together step by step.

The booklet is primarily intended for future investors , to guide them in their choice of destination and convince them to choose Ghana. It contains all info they need on Ghana’s socio-economic context, with a focus on those sectors with the greatest development potential. After that 1st part It  aims at all investors who have chosen Ghana as their destination country . It contains all the info you need to set up successfully in Ghana. In the last part the booklet establishes a bridge with a B to B platform to improve investor follow up services, It will enable all investors to engage in dialogue with GIPC’s Aftercare Division on this subject, and also engage Aftercare Divison contact persons in every government  department and ministry in Ghana.

GNBCC Members who are interested can pick up a copy from our office.

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