Novel management approaches in Africa


Novel management approaches in Africa

A recently published book examines the challenges of intercultural management in sub-Saharan Africa. It presents a case study of Vasco Silva, a Portuguese businessman who established a successful business in Luanda, Angola. After four years of growth, Silva encounters a culture shock due to a spontaneous strike by his employees. He embarks on a deep cultural exploration using the Hofstede 6D model and the Toyota-management tool Genchi Genbutsu (go and see for yourself).

Gradually, Silva gains an understanding of effective leadership in the Angolan context, unravelling important features of local culture and initiating an organizational change project.

GNBCC member and interculturalist Alette Vonk has put this successful story in its larger context and makes it useful across the African continent. The work contributes to the ongoing discourse in African management literature, particularly regarding the integration of modern and contemporary traditional organizational and leadership concepts.

“The book serves as an invaluable guide for African and international leaders, providing insights into crafting novel management approaches based on a fusion of values.” (Manuel Quinaz, CEO at upK, SA)

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