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GNBCC offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at supporting Dutch and Ghanaian companies in their business endeavours. These services are designed to facilitate market expansion, enhance business knowledge, provide advocacy, promote networking, and enable effective project management. Here is an overview of our key service areas:

Market Research & Business Matchmaking Training and Workshops Advocacy and Representation Business Promotion and Networking Project Management

Market Research & Business Matchmaking

GNBCC recognizes the importance of in-depth market research for companies planning to expand their operations in Ghana or the Netherlands. Through our collaboration with ResearchLime, a renowned research partner, we offer comprehensive market research services. Our research efforts cover various regions in Ghana, providing valuable insights into market trends, consumer behavior, regulatory frameworks, and key industry players. With access to reliable data and resources, Dutch and Ghanaian companies can make well-informed decisions and develop effective market entry strategies. Additionally, our business matchmaking services facilitate connections between relevant stakeholders, fostering partnerships and collaborations that contribute to successful business ventures.

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Training and Workshops

GNBCC understands the significance of continuous learning and skill development in todays business landscape. To cater to this need, we organize a diverse range of training programs, workshops, and seminars. These events are conducted in collaboration with certified trainers and reputable organizations, ensuring high-quality content and a valuable learning experience. Our training initiatives cover a wide array of topics relevant to businesses, including intercultural competence, financial solutions, cyber threat and more, regulatory compliance, financial solutions, and more.

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Advocacy and Representation

As the leading representative body for Dutch businesses in Ghana, GNBCC plays a pivotal role in advocating for the interests of its members and addressing any challenges they may encounter. We leverage our strong relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders, such as the Netherlands Embassy, local authorities, business chambers, and influential entities like the World Bank and European Union. Through effective engagement and communication, we ensure that the concerns and needs of Dutch businesses and the investment community are heard and addressed at various levels. By actively participating in policy discussions, consultations, and business forums, we strive to create a favorable business climate that promotes growth and facilitates opportunities for our members.

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Business Promotion and Networking

GNBCC recognizes the power of networking and creating meaningful connections for business growth. To facilitate this, we organize a range of business promotion activities and networking events. These include business networking cocktails and industry-specific forums. We foster an environment conducive to knowledge exchange, collaboration, and partnership building. Through these interactions, our members have the opportunity to expand their professional networks, establish valuable contacts, and explore new business opportunities.

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Project Management

GNBCC is actively involved in managing and executing projects across major sectors in Ghana. project management to drive private sector development and contribute to economic growth in Ghana. We collaborate with various stakeholders to execute impactful projects across major sectors. Notable examples include the New Business Challenge (NBC), Sierra Leone Netherlands Business Council (SLNBCC), Liberia Netherlands Business Council (LNBCC) and the African Policy Dialogue (APD). Currently, we are executing the Private Sector Development (PSD) Project of the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana, with a specific focus on horticulture and its value chain. This includes initiatives such as the Dutch Export Academy (DEA), the Horticulture Business Platform (HBP), Women in Business, Youth in Food, and Diaspora and Digitalization. Through these projects, GNBCC actively contributes to private sector development and fosters economic growth in Ghana.

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At GNBCC, our dedicated team ensures that our members receive comprehensive support, valuable resources, and strategic guidance to navigate the complexities of the Ghanaian and Dutch business landscapes. We remain committed to fostering business growth, promoting partnerships, and driving economic development in both countries.


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