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For the services delivered by our own staff, the GNBCC charges depending on the level of expertise and/or volume. In any case, we charge competitive prices.

In all cases: before you confirm a service request you will receive a detailed quotation which entails an estimate of activities, time spent, deliverables and costs.

Each third party supplier has been carefully selected and has signed a service level agreement (SLA) with the GNBCC. In this SLA we have defined a clear set of key performance indicators around delivery time, quality of the work, prices, and evaluations.

For the services delivered by our own staff, the GNBCC charges competitive prices. Our credo: “expertise for an affordable price”

For the services delivered by our third-party suppliers, GNBCC and NABC members pay discounted prices which are 15% lower than their regular market prices.

Business Development Services Business Support Services Trade Mission & Event Services Travel Support Services

Business Development Services

1. Market & Opportunity research

You want to extend your business either to Ghana or to the Netherlands. Where to start? The GNBCC can execute a market study for you. From USD 1000.

2. Company matching & visits

You know in which direction you want to extend your business, but before you go abroad, you need to find reliable partners. The GNBCC can organize company visits for you. This includes company profiling of the companies you're aiming to link with. We also schedule the appointments with companies you want to visit. From USD 1000.

3. Company representation

Based on the market research and or company matching, you definitely see the potenial in the market, but you don't want to spend time and money at this stage in traveling and visiting the companies. The GNBCC can visit the companies for you. From USD 350 per day exclusive travel expenses outside Accra.

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Business Support Services

You already have a business or you want to establish your business in Ghana. All needs around your (new) organization, your employees, your management, your business may require the support of an expert. The GNBCC offers you a wide range of services. Either delivered by our own team or by our carefully selected third party suppliers.

Subjects you can think of:

  • Advice on what type of financial construction.
  • You need an accountant or a bookkeeper.
  • How to register a company in Ghana?
  • Can you get subsidies for your business model?
  • You want to organize a training for your account manager or an executive leadership training for your management team.
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Trade Mission & Event Services

Together with a group of companies and other stakeholders you would like to organize an event or conference in order to expose the sector you are in, and to show and find business opportunities. The GNBCC offers the following services:

1. Program management

Together with you we can develop a program around a particular theme or sector. Via our network we bring together authorities, experts and entrepreneurs. We have an extensive track record in puting together the whole program which can include: planarian sessions, workshops, training, meet & greets etc.

2. Event management

Whether it is a product launch, a congress, a symposium or a trade mission, the GNBCC can take care of the whole event management part. A dedicated project team develops and executes, based on your wishes and objectives, a detailed plan which covers the event from invitation to accommodation, from food to PR and everything else that is required to make your event successful.

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Travel Support Services

If traveling is not your core business, let us assist you. The GNBCC has negotiated interesting prices for car rentals, hotel bookings, visa and immigration requirements.

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